• Buying Stage: Evaluating

Everyone’s talking IIoT – but who’s delivering? Even more than other new technologies, IIoT delivers far too much opportunity to chase the potential without delivering on a defined goal.

Factora to the rescue! In this colorful whitepaper, you’ll find a unique approach to IIoT. Using a SWOT [Strength, Weakness, Threat & Opportunity] analysis, we show you how to identify and measure IIoT possibilities while noting and avoiding pitfalls.

All wrapped in a wild west theme – an enjoyable read, that will help you find opportunity and avoid dead-end endeavours. You’ll better understand the potential of IIoT to not only decrease costs but increase revenue as well.

7 pages of lucid, fluent, insights – with pictures

What you’ll gain from this whitepaper:

  • How and when to drive the IIoT Dream
  • Top areas of opportunity for IIoT initiatives
  • Our process for identifying best opportunity
  • Illustrative stories and examples
  • How to avoid the Bottomless Pit